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Gibbs Quay Boat Sales are an official dealer of this amazing brand.

The British Hovercraft Company are the world’s largest manufacturer of Recreational Hovercraft, Search & Rescue Hovercraft, Commercial & Utility Hovercraft. BHC Hovercraft have been developed over the course of more than 30 years. Producing on average 100 quality craft each year and shipping worldwide, to private clients and our distribution networks now covering 4 continents. 




Developed for use in the harshest environments, the Coastal Pro and XL Coastal Pro have proved their worth from the heat of Kuwaiti oil fields to Finland’s harshest winter. Easy to operate and maintain, our commercial hovercraft are built to the standards of the MCA Hovercraft Code of Practice.

COASTAL-PRO – The Coastal-Pro is the quietest production hovercraft at 74dba. It is ideal for any commercial purpose and has amazing control for a twin-engine craft. Available for a range of operations from cruising to surveys it has excellent fuel consumption and ample power to negotiate even the toughest terrain. Also used as a recreational hovercraft, The Coastal-Pro really is a hovercraft for all applications.

BEAST– The Beast is the sports cruiser of the hovercraft world. With an array of extras and beautiful styling The Beast is “the best fun you can have with an engine” according to Jeremy Clarkson who used one to open his Top Gear Live Show. The ultimate big boy toy, The Beast comes with a speedo, improved ‘endplate’ rudders, key coloured acrylic dashboard, rubber non slip flooring, all round white lights, navigation lights, stylish GSXR headlight and piped marine quality fabric seating as standard. Quite a package!

MINI-The Mini is “the go-kart” of hovercraft – it is ideal for kids of all ages (even the adult ones). A recreational toy, for driving events businesses or even novice racing, this versatile little hovercraft has it all. Piloted whilst kneeling but able to be controlled in a seated position, this hovercraft is better suited to land and small shallow waters. The Mini has proved itself time and time again, the payload is second to none for a craft it’s size and with it’s lightweight hull the speed is remarkably surprising…