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SBS British Boat Trailers


A range of premium, great British boat trailers, fully welded and manufactured in the UK to suit Motorboats, Ribs, Jetskis, Yachts and Dinghies. You deserve the best boat so make sure you get the best trailer.

SBS produce the finest range of boat trailers in the UK. We are the only manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty. The only manufacturer to produce a fully welded chassis and the only manufacturer with the knowledge and skill to provide you with the ideal trailer to suit your boat and your needs.
SBS is the only choice


Designed and Manufactured in the UK Since 1959


All SBS trailers come with the highest EU specification plus additional extras as standard? If you don’t need our full specification, give us a call to discuss other options available.

Choosing a trailer is dead easy. You only need to know two measurements, the weight and length of your boat. This will allow you to identify which trailer(s) are most suitable and able to support your boat correctly.

All SBS trailers show their load capacity – which is the weight of your boat, and their length capacity – which is the length of your boat, when measured from the boweye to transom (BET).

Two types of support mechanisms for your boat – Bunk or roller.