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The Eco Hybrid Cruiser

Furyan have created a new and revolutionary sports cruiser with unique uncompromising technological and environmental credentials. This UK based marine technology company owes its heritage to the fast-moving world of F1 and high-performance automotive engineering and as such has plenty to offer this sector of the marine industry.

With experienced motor boating credentials the founders of Furyan decided to utilise their considerable engineering experience and their love of the sea to design their personal ultimate motor boat.   These lofty early aspirations morphed into a total indulgence in cutting edge design and optimization of the build process. The newly formed companys ethos was to embed style, design and engineering excellence into a craft with environmental friendly credentials and real world usability. In short they are shooting for the stars but not burning the earth in the process, further more these vessels will not be stripped out racers but comfortable luxuriously appointed cruisers with no detail which has not had the eye of the creators ensuring that each boat does not stray from the design path and compromise the concept.

GQBS are please to be appointed UK representatives for Furyan Marine Technology for more information  or speak to us directly.