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Hovercraft BHC Coastal-Pro

Hovercraft BHC Coastal-Pro

PRICE: £29,950


YEAR: 2022


The Coastal-Pro from BHC received a design award from the Hovercraft Club of America for its clever hull design. With independent control of the thrust and lift engines, you have enormous control over the craft, especially useful at low speeds in a  space-restricted environment where precise steering is so important. A separate lift system also allows a generous load capacity for such a compact hovercraft and the Coastal-Pro is best described as a 3-4 seat hovercraft.  With exceptionally low-noise levels – at cruising speed, 74dbA is low enough to meet EU standards for recreational boats. A great looking hovercraft with the ‘thrust’ power coming from the amazingly robust Vanguard V-Twin, together with a single cylinder engine providing lift inside the noise-deadening front bonnet. The thrust fan is large, and very slow rotating, which keeps noise levels firmly under control. With 30cms of lift, the Coastal-Pro has generous obstacle clearance and is very nimble for a craft of its size. It makes for a great recreational hovercraft, able to operate without excessive noise giving any offence to people nearby, carry a decent load and cruise effortlessly over any sealed surface such as sand, mudflats, water and ice. Whether you want a cruising and recreational hovercraft with extra capacity, a utility craft with a practical purpose, a light commercial hovercraft for survey/crew transfer or emergency standby, or even a mud or ice rescue hovercraft – then the Coastal-Pro is the small hovercraft you’ve been waiting for!  This model is in a striking red livery complete with storage cover and ready to go, a custom trailer is available at a cost option- library and actual pictures.

The Coastal-Pro is the quietest production hovercraft and is ideal for any commercial purpose and has amazing control for a twin-engine craft. Available for a range of operations from a recreational hovercraft,  cruising or to surveys it has excellent fuel consumption and ample power to negotiate even the toughest terrain. The Coastal-Pro really is a hovercraft for all applications.

Category Hovercraft
Type Power
Sales Status Sold
Manufacturer British Hovercraft Company
Model Coastal-Pro
Length 4.2m
Beam 2.21m
Draft 0.m
Weight Dry 370
CE Certification
Condition New
No. of Engines 2
Year built 2022
HP / KW 37
Fuel Petrol
Propulsion Inboard

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